Introduction / How These Tutorials Are Written

Welcome to Sun SPARC and Solaris Tips! A boring name, yes — but a useful site for those that need it.

I’ll be posting useful tips, diagrams and tutorials for anyone that works on Sun hardware, be they total Solaris newbies, part-time Solaris admins who need some hardware help, IT Managers looking to brush up their technical skills or the Sun elite: Sun hardware engineers — those under-appreciated souls in the trenches that get all the blame and none of the glory. When your Sun server loses a CPU at 2am and your production server is down, these are the guys that show up to diagnose the problem and replace the failed hardware. More often than not, they’re on the receiving end of a lot of

Tutorial ExplanationI’ve written most of these tutorials in a special format so that more advanced users don’t have to read through all the detailed steps that a newer user will need in order to complete the same task. To the left is a screen-shot with some added commentary to explain the format more fully. Click and read so you can understand the method behind my madness.

In cases where this tutorial format doesn’t make sense (usually in cases where I explain how things work rather than “how to” do something, I’ve written the tutorial in a more standard, self-explanatory format.

Buckle up and stay seated until the buffalo comes to a full and complete stop. This is going to be a hell-of-a ride!

PS: Don’t forget to stop by for all your Sun hardware and consulting needs.

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