About D.A. Gutierrez

D.A. GutierrezD.A. Gutierrez is a Sun Certified Field Engineer and has been working intimately with Sun hardware since the turn of the century.

While he transferred to Sun hardware sales in late 2003, he does love to keep his skills sharp by tinkering with servers whenever time allows. Guess that’s a perk of working for a place that sells Sun hardware.

After enduring many occasions in which he discovered something, only to forget it and have to reverse-engineer it again later (many times under the gun), he’s decided to simultaneously document his discoveries, further his knowledge and spread his love of everything Sun by compiling this information to serve both the absolute Solaris newbie/beginner as well as those on the front lines of the Sun support community that just need a little refresher on the basics. After all, SunSolve is (was) great for some things, but it’s certainly lacking in many respects. UPDATE: It’s no longer available without a paid subscription.

When he’s not sitting in front of a computer, Dave’s usually out keeping strong, tasting wine, traveling, or trying to become a better human being. He also enjoys coming up with unconventional solutions to society’s problems — from alleviating congestion on the Garden State Parkway to seeking to understand why over the past year, his hometown has experienced an explosion in the amount of shopping carts stolen from retailers and abandoned on the streets.