“Bus Fault” when trying to probe-scsi-all on a Sun Ultra 5

February 4th, 2008

I had a customer recently call me with a “bus fault” when he was trying to probe-scsi-all from the ok prompt. On separate occasions, I had sold him an Ultra 5 and a Dual Differential SCSI card (part# 375-0006) and he had just recently installed the SCSI Card into the Ultra 5 with the aforementioned error arising whenever he tried to do a probe-scsi-all from the ok prompt.

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My Sun Ultra 5 or Ultra 10 only powers on if I don’t have any cards in the PCI slots.

February 4th, 2008

This tutorial came about as a result of an order we filled for an AnySystem.com client. The client ordered nine Sun Ultra 5 Desktops. The order called for all the machines to be identically configured, except that seven of them needed a QuadFast Ethernet PCI Card and a PGX32 Video Card and the other two needed a QuadFast Ethernet PCI Card and a Single-Ended SCSI/Ethernet PCI Combo Card.

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Introducing the new “Flying” Sun StorEdge 3310 array.

January 25th, 2008

Looks like Sun just introduced a new array that flies. Yep, the StorEdge 3310 arrays been flying off the shelves over at at AnySystem.com. Starting about a month ago, quote requests just started coming in left and right and then the orders started streaming in. (And they say Christmas time is supposed to be quiet in this industry??) Maybe it’s the Dual RAID Controllers, or maybe it’s the fact that in just under 2u, you can have up to 3.6TB of storage at Ultra320 SCSI speeds. Whatever it is, you know you need one to off the shelf and land in your data center today.

How can I control my Sun server without a keyboard, mouse or video card?

January 8th, 2008

A: Unlike a regular Windows PC, where you typically only use your PC via a direct-attached keyboard, mouse and monitor, you have various options when deciding how you want to “connect to” or “control” your Sun machine.

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Rock bottom prices on refurbished Sun Enterprise systems – perfect for learning Solaris.

January 8th, 2008

Holy smokes! Prices just went rock bottom on this Sun E4500 and this bundle of Sun E220Rs. These boxes feature rock-solid hardware and run the ultra stable Solaris 10 OS. What more could you want for the perfect box to practice your funky OBP commands and teach yourself Solaris? There’s no time like the present for learning Solaris and upgrading your skill set.

Retro Sun: Ultra 5 and Ultra 10 desktops are HOT!

January 8th, 2008

So I’ve noticed a resurgence of interest in Sun Ultra 5 and Ultra 10 desktops at work these last couple of weeks. Perhaps it’s nostalgia kicking in, but these machines have been hot at AnySystem.com since about the middle of December. If you’re looking for an even better deal, don’t forget about Ugly Ducklings.

I have a Cable Modem or DSL connection (or some type of broadband) and I am using a router/sharing device (i.e. Linksys, Netgear, UGate, etc…) to hook up several PCs to my broadband connection. How do I add my Sun box to the network so I can surf the web and check email from it, etc?

January 7th, 2008


  • – re-read and complete

A: This solution is assuming you don’t have a configured network connection on your Sun box. It will start you from the very beginning, undoing any configuration that has been previously done. Make sure you’ve got a network cable plugged into your hub/router before starting.

NOTE: This solution is assuming that your internal network is using a class C (192.168.x.x) address space. If this is not the case, just substitute your address space in the appropriate places (the next most popular address space is class A — 10.0.0.x)

NOTE2: This solution is also using hme0 as an example. Depending on which Sun machine or add-on network card you are using, you will have to replace it with hme1, qfe0, eri0, etc

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Sun Fire V480 and Sun Fire V880 System Boards hit rock bottom!

December 19th, 2007

It wasn’t more than 6 months ago that refurbished 1.2GHz System Boards for Sun Fire V480 and V880 were retailing for $14,000. Now you can buy four of them for that price and still have a couple thousand $$ left over for some good beer! Along with the nose dive those boards took, 1.05GHz, 900MHz and 750MHz boards have also gone done substantially.

Heck, for less than the price of a compact car, you could get yourself a fully loaded V880 from my favorite place to work, AnySystem.com. 🙂

Coming off Summer Break – What do you want to see?

September 4th, 2007

So you’ve no doubt noticed that I’ve taken the whole month of August off. That wasn’t exactly planned, but now it’s September and it’s time to get back to work. What beginner topics would you like to see covered in this space? Some topics I’ve got lined up include:

  • building a Sun T3 and T3+ serial console cable
  • building a SunFire serial console cable
  • auto-mounting partitions with vfstab
  • mounting and unmounting partitions manually

Let me know what you guys would be interested in seeing and I’ll add it to the “To Do” pile.

PS: Don’t forget to stop by AnySystem.com for all your Sun hardware and consulting needs.

Is there an OpenBoot PROM cheat sheet or reference sheet?

July 28th, 2007

A: Ask and you shall receive. Use this handy-dandy OpenBoot PROM or OBP Reference Guide courtesy of Sun Microsystems as a refresher. I didn’t write it, but it’s about as thorough and useful as it would be if I did.

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